A) B2C Format (or Costumer to Company Format)


i.e. traders, retailers, local suppliers, dealers, contractors and others. there is huge difference in price charged by middle person to local consumers ( i.e. due to their own transportation charges, office expenses, factory expenses, other overhead expenses – labour, loading, unloading, taxation etc., middlemen’s own profit is also included, commission agents/mediators profit % and many other such factors ) . All these unnecessary addition in price can be avoided, if the consumer directly opts to reach the source i.e. we. Hence, just think wisely on Customer to Company Format on which we operate.

So, for all our esteemed costumers it is advisable to reach source as with short term investment of time, the costumer can get big & long term benefits of quality, variety and money’s worth as the savings made by reaching us can be further invested into another precious project.

B) B2B Format (Business to Business) Method: